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Atabey is a leading concrete pumping and placing equipment manufacturer.
In the field of concrete machinery, we offer not only conventional models with a wide product range and their many options,
but also modified and/or specially developed versions of them, according to each carefully studied case.
We set out on this road to produce the best and problem-free concrete distributors.
In “Ata-Carrib”, we are here to share our solutions with Caribbean construction industry.
Rest assured, you are really in the right place for the right solution.
ATABEY team acted as solution provider in more than 80 countries around the world.
Modern communication technologies allow much easier and faster transfer of information and knowledge.
From this point of view, any small problem in any job site deserves to pay more attention in order to reach industrial solutions.
This concept forms the basis of our business decisions, whether investing in people and equipment, forging relationships with clients
and service providers, or finding solutions for challenging problems.

Alcanzador - General Features

✓ Lightest and Also Strongest

Most affordable solution because of:

• Easily Transported, Thanks to The Modular Structure
• Economical
• Lightest and Also Strongest In Its Class Thanks To the Unique Structure Reduces The Cost

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ALZ 07

ALZ 07, integrated with:3-elements hydraulic boom with max. vertical reach of 8.5m

ALZ 09

ALZ 09 Series, integrated with:3-elements hydraulic boom with max. vertical reach of 10.5m

Engine Power:

50 - 100 kW / 67 - 140 Hp

Concrete Pumping Flow:

25 - 60 m3/h

Engine Options

Perkins, Cummins, Yavuz, Kubota Diesel Engine

Scorpion Series 4x4 Drive Boom Pump - General Features

✓ More compact size compare to truck pumps >> easier access in confined areas
✓ 4 x 4 traction system >> closer approach to the formworks and better positioning on rough terrain

Most affordable solution for:

• individual contractors
• home builders
• rough terrain applications

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SCP 3.24 (+3)

SCP 324 (+3) Series, integrated with:3-elements hydraulic boom with max. vertical reach of 24m

Engine Power:

50 - 165 kW / 67 - 220 Hp

Concrete Pumping Flow:

38 - 82 m3/h

Engine Options:

Perkins, Cummins, Yavuz, Kubota Diesel Engine

SCP 3.21 (+3)

SCP 321 (+3) Series, integrated with:3-elements hydraulic boom with max. vertical reach of 21m

Engine Power:

50 - 100 kW / 67 - 140 Hp

Concrete Pumping Flow:

25 - 60 m3/h

Engine Options

Perkins, Cummins, Yavuz, Kubota Diesel Engine

Optional Equipment

• FT 208 Folding-Frame Carrier Trailer

Compact-sized trailer with climbing ramps; for distant transportation of Scorpion pumps

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FT 208 Trailer can be folded for shipments in overseas containers.
For overseas shipments, the Scorpion Pump and its carrier trailer can be shipped with the same 40' HC container.

Periscope Series – General Features

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PS 07

Delivery Height:

Maximum 8.5 m

Horizontal Radius:

7 m (+2 m End Hose)

Compact Size With Low Operating


1.680 kg

PS 05

Delivery Height:

Maximum 5 m

Horizontal Radius:

3 m (+2 m End Hose)

Compact Size With Low Operating


980 kg

Spider Booms: “B-series” – General Features

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B 21

3-Elements Boom with Raised Tail Frame

21 m Horizontal Reach

B 308 - 312 - 15 - 17 - 18

3-Elements Boom

8 to 18 m Horizontal Reach

B 212

2-Elements Boom

12 m Horizontal Reach

Wheel Carriages for Spider Booms: “K-series” – General Features

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With or Without Traction

Hydraulic Outriggers

Remote Control for Self-Travel & Steering


With or Without Traction

Hydraulic Outriggers

Remote Control for Self-Travel & Steering


With or Without Traction

Hydraulic Outriggers

Remote Control for Self-Travel & Steering


Stationary Placing Booms on climbing mast: “M-series” – General Features

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4-Elements Booms with Z-Fold Design

29 m, 32 m Horizontal Reach

4 m End Hose

M 21 - 24 - 26

3-Elements Booms with R-Fold Design

21 m, 24 m, 26 m Horizontal Reach

3 m End Hose

Our Partners:

We work with a dynamic team 24/7 to make the most suitable concrete distributors for you with our team dedicated to concrete distribution.

We are at your disposal with our team. There are many reasons to buy our concrete placers with the best price and quality optimizations. Your offers will be answered as soon as possible. The most suitable products for your concrete placing are available at AtaCarrib at the most affordable prices!

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Why are our customers so glad to work with us?

Why shouldn't they?

  • Our customers who work with us supply their concrete pumping and concrete placing machinery from us at the most affordable price.
  • The products supplied by us work on job sites with the highest quality standards.
  • The long waiting period to procure machinery is over! You can supply our products as soon as possible.

We deliver functional, attractive and cost effective industrial solutions to construction job sites. Our major markets are;
- Russian Federation
- United Kingdom
- Caribbean Countries
- South American countries
- Middle east

We Provide Single Source Design and Supply all in collaboration with the end user.
We are proactively involved in every aspect of our projects.
We first examine feasibility, then we design, refine and package, negotiate leases, source finance, and finally construct.

Our References:

We proudly share our solutions everywhere on earth. Application of recent technologies on machine design and manufacture allows us to solve individual problems of any job site regardless of where it is. This point of view separates Atabey from the others: we try to offer “what is exactly needed” rather than what is conventionally sold. This is the main reason for Atabey to become a worldwide known “solution provider” for construction equipment. We have sold to more than 80 countries!

Our Services

We provide use and maintenance training for the equipment we sell.
The services we provide can basically be listed as follows:

Our service department provides repairs and maintenance for your concrete pumps and concrete distributors.

Technical Assistance

Our experts at Atabey can support you with mechanical, hydraulic and electronic problems. They will deal with your problems, whether in our workshop or directly on the construction site. Should you need one of our technicians, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.


One of the most important factors for our customers to choose our products is the services we offer to our customers as a sub-industry. The quality, continuity and reliability of the service throughout the life of the product is ensured by trained technicians and the highest quality spare parts. Our company aims to respond to the needs and needs of our customers as soon as possible with the service it offers 24/7. Customer oriented after sales service is the most essential part of our cooperation to create awareness among our customers on the road to perfection. After-sales technical support and training, machine assembly, spare parts services, maintenance trainings and trainings that our customers need are provided by technically experienced engineers and technicians on land or in our production facility with a technological infrastructure.

Ask us which machine you will rent in which region.

Success in the competitive construction and concrete pumping industry depends on the health and productivity of your equipment. When your concrete pumps do not work optimally or you experience breakdowns and malfunctions, it is very important to maintain your machine with quality parts and consumables. AtaCarrib Concrete Pumps and Concrete Distributors is the leading source of affordable spare parts for customers in the Caribbean region. We offer a wide range of concrete pump parts for the construction site, including piping systems, concrete boom systems, hoses and a wide range of small concrete equipment. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will supply every possible part for your concrete boom pumps to eliminate costly downtime and get your machines up and running faster.

AtaCarrib consultancy service allows you to buy or rent our products in the easiest way. In addition, our after-sales team allows you to solve the problems (spare parts etc.) you encounter in the easiest way.

Mustafa Dilsiz

Managing Director, Entrepreneur

I set out on this path to move the concrete placing industry to a different concept with my knowledge.

Fikri Demirel

Engineer, Export Sales

With over 40 years of experience, I manage the sales and technical team...

Özkan Demirel

Mechanical Engineer

I have been playing an active role in machine design for over 20 years...

Çağrı Aysu

Engineer, Sales

With my sales engineering experience of more than 20 years, I offer the most appropriate solutions...

Alper Aydın

IT, Web Services Manager and Graphical Design

By applying the most valid IT concepts, I ensure that our company offers the best solutions on a sectoral basis in Web Services and graphic design...

Tuna Demirel

Engineer, Sales, IT Services & Web Development

I offer the best user interface solutions by blending basic engineering concepts with web design, web development, graphic design and marketing concepts...

Feyza Bolay

Export Area Manager

I'm here to open a new page with successful concepts in exports.

Gamze Tekçe

After-sales Services Manager

I am here so that you can buy our products without any problems and get a problem-free service after the sale.

Melih Kalem

Mechanical Engineer

I am here to implement engineering design concepts in the most successful way.

Mert Değirmenci

Engineer of Mechatronics

I am here to apply mechatronics engineering concepts to machine design.

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We offer the most affordable and optimized prices. Feel free to contact and get price from us without hesitating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions to us by our customers, with their answers:

Share your project details with us and we will inform you about more details and technical details accordingly.

"Slip-ring" provides endless rotation and thus prevents concrete from obtaining a rheologically heterogeneous structure. By this way, cracks do not occur in the concrete. Also, thanks to the endless rotation, operators do not have to push/pull further endhose during operation.

PS-Series should be based on a minimum of 1 week. B-Series should be based on a minimum of 1 month. M-Series should be based on a minimum of 3 months.

Buy-back terms are negotiable on all our projects.

Of course! As a team, we are with you for all your problems. A comprehensive first use training will be provided by us.

Yes, they can be rented for a minimum of 6 months.

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